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XVIII CIM is out!


I’ve been totally busy organizing the XVIII CIM, the Colloquium of Musical Informatics. So busy that I was not able to updated the blog…

On Oct 5-8 we set up 3 days of conferences, 6 concerts, 2 workshops. More details here.

Here some shots: graphic stuff and events




Pics! Roma and Barcelona


Some photos from the live in Roma, Riunione di Condominio, and Barcelona, SMC (see previous posts).

Roma, Live at RdC

Roma, Live at RdC

SMC: SC tutorial, paper, music


I’ve been invited by SMC to hold a Tutorial on SuperCollider. I’ll be in Barcelona on 21st-24th July.

Many things to do at the conference, btw: Detti del tuono will be performed with flute and four tracks, with live spatialization, and I’ll present a work we did on the recostruction of Xenakis’ spatialization in the Philips Pavilion.



SuperCollider Crash Course, Roma


I’ve been invited by to hold a SuperCollider Crash Course in Roma. On the evening we will have some fun with Franz Rosati playing the Rumentarium and processing it.

Info: 16.6.2010 from 11-19, cost: 50€,  inscription: 5.06.2010, write to maxclass[DOT]rdc[AT]gmail[DOT]com

SuperCollider, Roma

SuperCollider, Roma, 16/06/10

AMP2 at Audiovisiva festival: pics!


Not such an easy context to play, but big fun on sat 29/05/10 at Audiovisiva festival with AMP2. Here we are with some shots.

AMP2 at Audiovisiva

AMP2 at Audiovisiva

AMP2 at Audiovisiva, Milan


We will play as AMP2 at the Audiovisiva Festival, Milan.

The concert is organized by Die Schachtel labe to present the 10 CD box of Musica Improvvisa (10 Italian improvisers).

die schachtel

die schachtel

Detti del tuono in Boston


A recording of Detti del tuono, fr G-flute and mechanical percussion, has been played at the GASP SuperCollider Symposium, held by Jeremy van Buskirk at GASP, Boston. Hurray.

Detti del tuono

Detti del tuono

Live Impro Party!


In the occasion of the SC workshop, we agreed that some fun was mandatory. You’re all invited to the Live Impro Party at Studiomars, via Tiziano 35, TO. Tue 13, from 10pm. (Helas, Franz would not join us).

Live Impro Party

Live Impro Party

VEP in NY: photos!


Here some shots from NY. Great success (and so much fun). (Maybe L.A.? Let’s see)

Poème électronique

Poème électronique in Judson Church

Documenting the rumentarium


I’ve uploaded a video of the rumentarium (rec session in Palermo) here.


Rumentarium at Galleria Allegretti

Rumentarium at Galleria Allegretti



Silvio Lucchini has put in his site some fantastic photos of Sat 7 09, here in Turin,  in the occasion of the installation/performance La terra guasta (me, Ramon Moro, tr, Paolo Armao, sound design).