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SuperCollider Crash Course, Roma


I’ve been invited by to hold a SuperCollider Crash Course in Roma. On the evening we will have some fun with Franz Rosati playing the Rumentarium and processing it.

Info: 16.6.2010 from 11-19, cost: 50€,  inscription: 5.06.2010, write to maxclass[DOT]rdc[AT]gmail[DOT]com

SuperCollider, Roma

SuperCollider, Roma, 16/06/10


AMP2 at Audiovisiva festival: pics!


Not such an easy context to play, but big fun on sat 29/05/10 at Audiovisiva festival with AMP2. Here we are with some shots.

AMP2 at Audiovisiva

AMP2 at Audiovisiva

Live Impro Party: photos


Here some photos of last impro party at Studiomars, Torino. Big fun. Helas, Francesco was not able to join the party.

live impro party: the stuff

live impro party: the stuff

Live Impro Party!


In the occasion of the SC workshop, we agreed that some fun was mandatory. You’re all invited to the Live Impro Party at Studiomars, via Tiziano 35, TO. Tue 13, from 10pm. (Helas, Franz would not join us).

Live Impro Party

Live Impro Party