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SMC: SC tutorial, paper, music


I’ve been invited by SMC to hold a Tutorial on SuperCollider. I’ll be in Barcelona on 21st-24th July.

Many things to do at the conference, btw: Detti del tuono will be performed with flute and four tracks, with live spatialization, and I’ll present a work we did on the recostruction of Xenakis’ spatialization in the Philips Pavilion.






From July 21st to 23rd I’m with Eva Sauer, Michela Franzoso and Paolo Armao at Galleria Micro in Florence.



Rohbauten is a video with music composed using the Rumentarium setup. Images by Eva, editing by Michela, recording and mixing by Paolo.

TrattamentiDiPace Live!

Live with CLG at Tedacà, 27/06/09

Live with CLG at Tedacà, 27/06/09

Here some photos from live impro performance with CLG Ensemble (and a bunch of wonderful musicians).

Following, a short video.

Incontri Improvvisi Trattamenti di Pace Open 2009

An interview on


Not really new, but still fresh. Gianpaolo from soundesign has kindly dedicated me an interview. Soundesign is an up-to-date source of valuable infos on audio, music, sound design: thanks!

me at

me at

Notations 21 is out and includes I 6 nodi


An impressive collection of notations from composers all over the world in a very well designed book. A hommage to the historical Notations by J. Cage in its 40th anniversarsy. Proud that  it includes my “I 6 nodi”


Notations 21: cover

Notations 21: cover