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Sound and Image conference in Turin


On Oct 28th 2010 I should be ubiquitous as I will present also a communication dedicated to audible domain in the Universal horror talkies at theĀ Sound and Image conference in Turin, this year dedicated to “sound and genre“. Luckily, the first author is Luca Canova, and he will present our work.


Soundscape at IULM


I’ve been invited by friends and semioticians Pierluigi Basso and Giacomo Festi to present the GeoGraphy simulation system at IULM, Milano. We had a very fruitful discussion. Thanks!


Seminar at IULM

Bergman at DAMS, Torino


I’m presenting an analysis of Bergman’s The Hour of the Wolf at the conference dedicated to Bergman here at Uni TO. That flm is an impressive achievement: I’ll try to show how much also from a sonic “point of hear”

Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf

Presenting The Conversation


Having written a (little) book on the subject, I’ve been asked by the Ultracorpi collective to present Coppola’s The Conversation. One of the best film ever produced. At Cinema Massimo, Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino, Friday February 19, 8.30 pm. Thanks Ultracorpi! It will be a pleasure to see TC on screen.

Trappola sonora

Trappola sonora

Sound/Film at DAMS, Torino


I wil present an analysis of the (notorious) opening sequence of Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West at the conference at the second seminar on sound and imageĀ at DAMS, Torino, October 26/27 2009.

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