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ACM MultiMedia in Florence


On oct 28th I will present a poster at ACM MM Conf 2010 in Florence. Too bad I will have no time to stay there more.

The poster deals with the Rumentarium (“The Rumentarium Project”).

Rumentarium in Rome

Rumentarium in Rome


Soundscape at IULM


I’ve been invited by friends and semioticians Pierluigi Basso and Giacomo Festi to present the GeoGraphy simulation system at IULM, Milano. We had a very fruitful discussion. Thanks!


Seminar at IULM

VEP on The Wire


The VEP project in NY has been reviewed by The Wire, March 2010.

It seems that the audio processing stuff I implemented worked fine: “the  digital manipulation of the original sound material was admirable and effective”.

The Wire, march 2010

The Wire, march 2010

VEP in NY: photos!


Here some shots from NY. Great success (and so much fun). (Maybe L.A.? Let’s see)

Poème électronique

Poème électronique in Judson Church

With VEP Project in New York


We’ll be in NY on Jan 15 2010 presenting the VEP project (virtual reconstruction of Philips Pavilion, including Varèse’s Poème électronique and Xenakis’ Concret PH) on a screen/multichannel setup for a big Xenakis event. It’s an EMF production. We’ll spatialize audio through 8 channels, thanks to SuperCollider.

See announcement here.

The Philips Pavilion

The Philips Pavilion

Testing the VEP over a multichannel setup


We have tested a multichannel rendering of our VEP application at the VRMMP. The new version will be premiered in New York, at The Drawing Center,  on Jan 15 2010, for an exhibition dedicated to Iannis Xenakis. Some photos on flickr here

Testing at VRMMP

Documenting the rumentarium


I’ve uploaded a video of the rumentarium (rec session in Palermo) here.


Rumentarium at Galleria Allegretti

Rumentarium at Galleria Allegretti



Silvio Lucchini has put in his site some fantastic photos of Sat 7 09, here in Turin,  in the occasion of the installation/performance La terra guasta (me, Ramon Moro, tr, Paolo Armao, sound design).

In Scena: concert series by Fiarì ensemble


Fiarì ensemble organizes a contemporary music series of concerts, In scena, (with free entrance) in Torino.

I have collaborated with the organization of the one dedicate to live electronics. My new work for flute and rumentarium will be (hopefully…I’m scoring it…), Detti del Tuono,  will be performed on Dec 3 at Teatro Vittoria. The concert will also feature prèmieres by Domenico Sciajno, Joshua Parmenter, Federico Placidi, Donald Craig.

In scena 09

In scena 09

With Eva Sauer in Prato


Eva Sauer‘s “Last night a blue thing drifted down the valley“, exhibition in Prato (AFT, Archivio Fotografico Toscano), will include our collaboration Rohbauten, a video based on Eva shooting, edited by Michela Franzoso, and including my Vedute for Rumentarium (including these pieces).

Eva Sauer. Last night a blue thing drifted down the valley

Eva Sauer. Last night a blue thing drifted down the valley

ACM multimedia 09


We (Vincenzo Lombardo, me, Fabrizio Nunnari) will present a paper on the Tabula ex-cambio installation at the ACM multimedia conference in Beijing, Oct 19-23, for the Interactive Art Program.

Here‘s the video presentation for Beijing. And a second, third, fourth video related to the project.

ACM multimedia 09

ACM multimedia 09