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Sound and Image conference in Turin


On Oct 28th 2010 I should be ubiquitous as I will present also a communication dedicated to audible domain in the Universal horror talkies at the Sound and Image conference in Turin, this year dedicated to “sound and genre“. Luckily, the first author is Luca Canova, and he will present our work.


XVIII CIM is out!


I’ve been totally busy organizing the XVIII CIM, the Colloquium of Musical Informatics. So busy that I was not able to updated the blog…

On Oct 5-8 we set up 3 days of conferences, 6 concerts, 2 workshops. More details here.

Here some shots: graphic stuff and events



Pics! Roma and Barcelona


Some photos from the live in Roma, Riunione di Condominio, and Barcelona, SMC (see previous posts).

Roma, Live at RdC

Roma, Live at RdC

SMC: SC tutorial, paper, music


I’ve been invited by SMC to hold a Tutorial on SuperCollider. I’ll be in Barcelona on 21st-24th July.

Many things to do at the conference, btw: Detti del tuono will be performed with flute and four tracks, with live spatialization, and I’ll present a work we did on the recostruction of Xenakis’ spatialization in the Philips Pavilion.



SuperCollider Crash Course, Roma


I’ve been invited by to hold a SuperCollider Crash Course in Roma. On the evening we will have some fun with Franz Rosati playing the Rumentarium and processing it.

Info: 16.6.2010 from 11-19, cost: 50€,  inscription: 5.06.2010, write to maxclass[DOT]rdc[AT]gmail[DOT]com

SuperCollider, Roma

SuperCollider, Roma, 16/06/10

Soundscape at IULM


I’ve been invited by friends and semioticians Pierluigi Basso and Giacomo Festi to present the GeoGraphy simulation system at IULM, Milano. We had a very fruitful discussion. Thanks!


Seminar at IULM

SuperCollider in Torino


Two days of free intensive workshop on SC in Torino.

SuperCollider workshop

SuperCollider workshop

Presenting The Conversation


Having written a (little) book on the subject, I’ve been asked by the Ultracorpi collective to present Coppola’s The Conversation. One of the best film ever produced. At Cinema Massimo, Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino, Friday February 19, 8.30 pm. Thanks Ultracorpi! It will be a pleasure to see TC on screen.

Trappola sonora

Trappola sonora

Sound/Film at DAMS, Torino


I wil present an analysis of the (notorious) opening sequence of Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West at the conference at the second seminar on sound and image at DAMS, Torino, October 26/27 2009.

La funzione drammaturgica del
suono nel

Algorithmic composition + SuperCollider in Aosta


I’m in Aosta (09/06/09)  for a seminar on algorithmic composition and an introductory workshop on SuperCollider. Some infos in Italian:

Ultimo appuntamento all’interno dell’area “Musica & Tecnologica”
all’interno dell’Offerta Musicale dell’Istituto Musicale Pareggiato di Aosta.
Il seminario ed il workshop saranno a cura di Andrea Valle (CIRMA – Università di Torino),
con le seguenti modalità:

  • 9 Giugno 2009 – h 10-12 (Aula Solfeggio – Istituto Musicale di Aosta) 
    Seminario sulla composizione algoritmica.

  • 9 Giugno 2009 – h 14-18 (Aula Multimediale – Scuola Media L.Einaudi di Aosta)
    WorkShop sulla Composizione elettronica e programmazione

La partecipazione al Seminario e al WorkShop e GRATUITA per tutti.


Aosta: seminar and workshop

Aosta: seminar and workshop