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Recording I 6 nodi


Andrea Rebaudengo will try out is passion for contemporary music idiosyncrasy by recording my three-part piece  “I 6 nodi (primo emiciclo)” in Genova, a project for the SuonoSonda Journal. The challenge will take place on Oct 4.

Thanks Andrea and good luck!

I 6 nodi, for piano

I 6 nodi, for piano


Rumentarium at Spazio Orioles, Palermo


I’ll be with the AntiTesi group in Palermo presenting the rumentarium as a sound installation at Casa Orioles, together with Aluphone by Peter Kutin. Friday, 25/09/09

Here a post on teknemedia kindly forwarded by Vincenzo Santarcangelo.

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The Art of Soundscaping

The Art of Soundscaping