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Now, thanks to Vincenzo Santarcangelo, I gained other 5 mins of celebrity on the famous Italian magazine Rockerilla (Jan 2010). Wow, no need to be a rockstar (eve if I’d like to, indeed).


SC140 on Rockerilla


VEP in NY: photos!


Here some shots from NY. Great success (and so much fun). (Maybe L.A.? Let’s see)

Poème électronique

Poème électronique in Judson Church

With VEP Project in New York


We’ll be in NY on Jan 15 2010 presenting the VEP project (virtual reconstruction of Philips Pavilion, including Varèse’s Poème électronique and Xenakis’ Concret PH) on a screen/multichannel setup for a big Xenakis event. It’s an EMF production. We’ll spatialize audio through 8 channels, thanks to SuperCollider.

See announcement here.

The Philips Pavilion

The Philips Pavilion