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Hopeful Monster is out!


Here we are! Hopeful Monster, the new album by AMP2 is out, inside the 10 CD box set Musica Improvvisa by Die Schachtel. Here the booklet’s text:

“The biologist Richard Goldschmidt introduced the term “hopeful monster” to indicate an individual of a species showing a relevant mutation in its genes. This mutation makes the individual a “monster”, as it differs from all the otherĀ  individuals of his species. But, at the same time, it is “hopeful”, as it can lead to a radical discontinuity in the otherwise continuous evolution of the species. Our “Hopeful Monster” presents five excerpts from two long, radically improvised, sessions, where no previous structures of any kind were planned. Indeed, improvisation often tends to be shaped as a sort of continuous, slowly evolving flow. But, from time to time, a mutation happens, leading to unprevisible results. The tracks on the album present five of these hopeful monsters”

Hopeful Monster, cover

Hopeful Monster, cover

In “Hopeful Monster”, AMP2 is:
Gandolfo Pagano: Prepared Guitar, Electronics
Dario Sanfilippo: Laptop/Live Electronics – Feedback Network Based Nonlinear DSP System
Domenico Sciajno: Laptop/Live Electronics – Max/MSP Programming
Antonino Secchia: Percussion Set
Andrea Valle: Rumentarium, a SuperCollider-Driven Electro-mechanical Percussion Set


Pics! Roma andĀ Barcelona


Some photos from the live in Roma, Riunione di Condominio, and Barcelona, SMC (see previous posts).

Roma, Live at RdC

Roma, Live at RdC

SMC: SC tutorial, paper, music


I’ve been invited by SMC to hold a Tutorial on SuperCollider. I’ll be in Barcelona on 21st-24th July.

Many things to do at the conference, btw: Detti del tuono will be performed with flute and four tracks, with live spatialization, and I’ll present a work we did on the recostruction of Xenakis’ spatialization in the Philips Pavilion.