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VEP article on CMJ is out


Our article dedicated to Virtual Electronic Poem is finally out in Computer Music Journal.

Computer Music Journal: the VEP article

Computer Music Journal: the VEP article

A Virtual-Reality Reconstruction of Poème Électronique Based on Philological Research

Vincenzo Lombardo, Andrea Valle, John Fitch, Kees Tazelaar, Stefan Weinzierl, Wojciech Borczyk

Computer Music Journal Summer 2009, Vol. 33, No. 2: 24–47.


Notations 21 is out and includes I 6 nodi


An impressive collection of notations from composers all over the world in a very well designed book. A hommage to the historical Notations by J. Cage in its 40th anniversarsy. Proud that  it includes my “I 6 nodi”


Notations 21: cover

Notations 21: cover